About Fast Trac-it

JHN ENTERPRISE LTD founded in 2006 by James H Noseworthy, is an industrial manufacturer of support brackets, for electrical and related/other components within the oil and gas industry. Mr Noseworthy spent 40 years of his career in these industries, during which time he identified the need for a support bracket that could be mounted on industrial piping. To fill this need, he invented, tested and patented such a bracket in the period running from 2002 to 2005.

At present time these brackets are manufactured and sold under the trade name FASTTRAC-IT BRACKETS, through electrical wholesale companies within Canada and the United States. FASTTRAC-IT BRACKETS have been designed to provide a cost effective, safe alternative to welding in a live plant environment, resulting in an easy, versatile installation that will facilitate the trades person on-site and save the overall project money.

Patent: Canada patent No.2,512,851
United States No. US 7,520,477 B2